Phenom Baseball is a non-profit youth development organization. We are based out of Riverside California but currently have academies in eleven states with players ranging from ages 7-18 years of age. Our youth teams have won 11 national titles. 
Phenom players participating in MLK 15u Tournament in Arizona
Who We Are
The mission of Phenom Baseball is to enable our participating youth the opportunity to receive an education at an institution of higher learning or become professionally drafted through the wonderful game of baseball.  
Our Mission 
Our professional coaching staff and strict academic policies have created an environment nurturing to this goal for our youth. Our success is not measured by our player's feats on the field, but rather through their successes in the classroom and in the grand stadium of life. 
How We Develop
Each academy has a professional coaching staff that develops its players through sound drills and instruction. Phenom players spend substantial time developing the most important aspects of the game including hitting, defensive fielding, base running, situational play, mental approach, and physical conditioning. 

Each academy fields a number of teams (amount of teams varies by location) with players 7-18 years of age participating in local, regional, and national tournaments and showcases where the players are able to further develop through experience​​ of the game. 

Phenom Baseball places a high value into its players receiving a college education. Because of this, each participant within the program is required to carry a minimum grade point average of 3.0 to maintain their eligibility with Phenom Baseball. ​​We believe academic discipline will lead to good habits and better choices for our youth in all aspects of life.

Many of our coaches have collegiate and professional level experience and have worked together to develop a specific program that helps our high school players prepare for the college recruitment process. We understand the collegiate and professional systems and know what they are seeking in a player and help ready our youth to meet those demands.
Who Can Play For Phenom Baseball
Phenom Baseball is open to any youth ages 7 and up that can physically participate in our training and development programs. There is a common misconception that we are only looking for "elite caliber" youth players. That is certainly not true. Though our Phenom Signature teams are the elite of their class, we have many other youth teams within our academies that field players of all skill levels. 

Any youth seeking to improve their baseball abilities and willing to work hard and comply with our academic  
Can I Afford The Phenom Program
policies and maintain good character are welcome to join the program. We do not turn away nor accept youth merely on their ability. 
Founder Joe Keller and his daughter 
Phenom Baseball believes in making its program affordable to the masses. As a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, we strive to fundraise to help offset costs and help keep parent membership costs and monthly dues to the lowest fiscal amounts possible. Our current rates are low by any market standard for the elite program we deliver. 

-One Time Membership Fee: $150

-Monthly Fee: $125 (includes two tournaments per month and two practices per week)​​​​
Interested In Joining
If you would for your youth to participate in a practice to see if the program is right for you, you can contact a Phenom Baseball coach at your nearest Phenom Baseball training facility by clicking here. The coach will provide you the necessary information to make arrangements for your child's visit. 

If you know that the Phenom Baseball program is right for you and would like to become part of the Phenom Family, click here to go to the registration page where you will be required to fill out the necessary paperwork to get you and your child underway.

Thank you so much for your interest in Phenom Baseball. ​​​​